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Show Hours:
Saturday, May 21 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday, May 22 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

VIPs get in 15 minutes early each day


Room 105 Main Events:   

11:00: AM    Clare Kramer Q&A
12:00: PM    David Fielding Q&A
1:00: PM    Kel Mitchell: Welcome to Good Boogie, Home of the Dance Battle...Can I Get Contestants?!

Feeling Saucy? Think your dance moves are All That? Join Kel Mitchell as reads an excerpt from his best-selling book, drops his BRAND NEW single, answers your questions, and watches you Strawberry Shake for some Good Prizes!
2:00: PM    Will Friedle Q&A
3:00: PM    My Hero Academia Voice Actor Q&A!!
    With Josh Grelle, Emily Neves, and Austin Tindle
4:00: PM    Saturday Costume Contest


12:00: PM    Johnny Gargano Q&A
1:00: PM    Tom Cook Q&A
2:00: PM   Sunday Costume Contest

Costume Contests:
Saturday, May 21 | 4:00 PM

Sunday, May 22 | 2:00 PM


Contests hosted by

Mikal Mosley! 

Click Here For Costume Contest Info & Rules

Costume Contest Sponsor:

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Room 108 Panels:   

11:00: AM    Happy Birthday to Effin' Birds

Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Effin' Birds with Aaron Reynolds

12:00: PM    Mikal Mosley’s Diversity in Cosplay

Mikal Mosley invites con-goers to discuss diversity within the community in a fun, interactive, and educational experience. An open discussion allows people of color, women, and even members of the LGBTQ community to voice opinions. Since anyone is able to join, it creates an atmosphere of better understanding amongst the nerd community. The panel is full of big topics and includes influences in pop culture that has shaped our reality today.


1:00: PM    Amy Chu & Dan Parent Comic Creators Q&A

2:00: PM    Pro Wrestling Talk w/Lan, Dave, and Aubrey

3:00: PM    Exploring Bikini Bottom with Nick Burch

A lighthearted conversation about Spongebob Squarepants with superfan Nick Burch, who hasn't prepared anything for this panel. 


11:00: AM    Building Costumes for the WWE! w/Mikal Mosley

1:00: PM    DIY Comics w/Lan Pitts & Dave Wheeler

2:00: PM    Con Promoter Q&A w/Ben Penrod

Room 107 Panels:   

10:30: AM    Hero's Journey and Mental Health

Hero's Journey and Mental Health is an interactive panel hosted by a licensed mental health counselor. This panel explores the stages of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and how it reflects our own journeys with mental health. Participants are invited to share their favorite films, heroes, and insights into their own journeys. 

11:30: AM    Um, Actually: The Game Show where Nerds Correct Nerds
From Kenan and Kel to Gargamel, nerds are passionate about a lot of things.  But there's something they love above all else, that is correcting people.  This is "Um, Actually", the Game Show where Nerds correct Nerds.  I show you a question, and you chime in and tell me what I got wrong.  The winning team gets the greatest prize of all: They get to be the most right.

12:30: PM    Launch Your Story: A Writers Publishing Panel
Got a story to tell but you're not sure how to get it out there? Come learn from seasoned and award-winning authors about the business of professional publishing. It's easier than you might think!

1:30: PM    My Senpai, My Senpai, and Me: Anime Advice Panel
Similar to hit podcast MBMBAM, we’re taking your problems and giving you questionable life advice based on what we’ve learned from anime. 

2:30: PM    Beyblade Tournament
Alejandro Murguia-Ortiz, community organizer and candidate for Iowa Senate, will host a Beyblade tournament. Beyblades will be available to use for the competition but participants are welcome to bring their own.

3:30: PM    Game On! Getting Scholastic Esports in Your School or After-school Program

Dream of getting to compete against kids like yourself from across the county, state, or even the world? In this panel, learn how to launch an esports program at your school which leverages your voice and choice while remaining educational.


10:30: AM    Pleasant Sparkle Academy
Hi, I'm Z a genderfluid, pansexual, writer. And I want to talk to you about how someone who never created a dating-sim before goes about doing so. While I'm still very much in the process, it's my hope that my experience thus far with casting, writing, character design, music, ect. can at least be a jumping off point for everyone else who has no idea where to start. 

11:30: AM    Getting Started as a Writer
A panel about the things new writers need to keep in mind as they're getting started, especially if they want to create stories in the long term.

12:30: PM    Everdreams Creative: Cosplay Posing for Photography and Videography
Learn how to take your hall cosplay shots to the next level. Ever Dreams Creative will walk through how to come up with poses on the fly that fit your character and demand attention on film

1:30: PM    Final Fantasy Party-Up

Come together to talk about the Final Fantasy series and the new games, players who play FFTCG to meet up with one another and trade cards, FF14 MMO players can meet up with other Iowa players.